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The Secret Diary Of Me Aged 24 and 1/2

Snooch to the newtch

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User Number: 4012916
Date Created:2004-07-31
Number of Posts: 105

Beardyone is often confused, mostly naive and generally at a loss. His favourite pastime is goading badgers. Every 2nd Tuesday in the month he likes to relax with a can of lager beer in his favourite chair and watch a musical on his digital versatile disc player. Moulin Rouge and The Phantom of the Opera are his favourites.
Strengths: Goatee beard. Hirsutness. Inward singing.
Weaknesses: Goatee beard (open to ridicule). Hirsutness (ditto). Lumbering gait.
Special Skills: Completed 1989 Panini Football Sticker album in 3 months. Large spleen.
Weapons: Pre-Goaded attack badgers. Big plank of wood with some nails stuck through it.
Motto: Wise man say, "Go to bed with itchy ass, wake up with smelly finger"

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